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Hop Hopkins
General Sales Manager

My name is Hop! I've been in the car business for over 40 years, 20 of them being here in the Las Vegas valley. I always have a story to tell. 

James McKenna
Sales Manager
(702) 778-2600

Scott Bloom
Finance Director
(702) 778-2600

Ron Bender
Finance Manager
(702) 778-2600

My name is Ron, I moved from Los Angeles to Vegas close to 10 years ago. This city has grown on me over time, I've come to love it. I love to go on spur of the moment trips, concerts, and spending time with my friends. I love the Raiders and VGK. I originally came from the retail industry so customer service and transparency always takes precedence.



Alex Eskandari
Mitsubishi Brand Ambassador
(702) 778-2600

My name is Alex, I've been in Vegas for most of my life. I'm an avid golfer, I also love cars! I race in NASCAR delegated stockcar races at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. If there is ever a question you have about a vehicle, I always have the answer!

Isaac Svobodny
Mitsubishi Brand Ambassador
(702) 778-2600

They call me "Isaac of Minnesota". I'm relatively new to Vegas, I've loved every second of it. I'm always trying to find new things to do in this amazing city.

Mario Quintero
Mitsubishi Brand Ambassador
(702) 778-2600

Se habla espanol!

Josiah Kent
Mitsubishi Brand Ambassador
(714) 463-0655

My name is Josiah. I'm new to Vegas, came in from California! I love to modify and tune cars, I also happen to have a passion for Mitsubishi, the brand has ran in my family for generations. My dream car is a Mitsubishi Evo IX. I love the Steelers and Golden Knights. Coming from a retail/restaurant background customer service is my top priority. Dave's Hot Chicken <3 Se Habla Espanol!  



Jeffrey Shanahan
Mitsubishi Service Manager
(702) 522-1944

Hi, my name is Jeff. I've been working with service for Mitsubishi since Las Vegas Mitsubishi and now serve our Mitsubishi customers with Johnny Legends! I love cars all around and love to collect watches of all kinds.

Jeffrey Aguiran
Mitsubishi Master Technician
(702) 522-1944

Hello, my name is Jeffery! I'm the Master Technician for Mitsubishi. I came to Las Vegas all the way from Hawaii. In my spare time I love to skate or go to California to surf. 

Will Manzanares
Mitsubishi Service Technician
(702) 522-1944

Hi! My name is Will. I've been working on vehicles almost my entire life. If there's a problem, I can always fix it. In my spare time I love to work on project vehicles or find something to fix. 

Derrick Gagnon
Mitsubishi Service Technician
(702) 522-1944



Moe Holmes
Parts Manager
(702) 425-9994

Dave Marie
Parts Advisor
(702) 425-9994

Max Quezada
Parts Driver
(702) 425-9994